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Reminder to all Guild Members: This wiki and the website in general is built entirely to support those things the guild members want to see, so if you have a suggestion of something you want to see made available on the guild website/forums/wiki/something-else, please place a request on the guild forums.

Currently we're putting the wiki together, so please bear with us. This will contain the more “permanent” documentation for the guild, the forums are our regular out-of-game chatter however.

Riders of the Storm is one of the oldest guilds on Feathermoon, formed within weeks of the original release. It is primarily a social role playing guild, a group of friends who support one another and enjoy each others company. All of our members are adults that have real life responsibilities and real jobs, so guild policies regarding member activity is very lax. Many of the members consider the guild to be a family and in fact we are; both in and out of character. We play the world of Warcraft together but we will also sometimes play other games such as Warcraft 3 together and are planning to play the upcoming release of Starcraft and Diablo together as well.

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