Guild Policies


These requirements are for new players to the guild only. Alts have less restricted requirements, though the highlighted requirements (those marked with a :!:) MUST be met by all characters.

Anyone who does not meet these standards will be rejected by the guild officers, however even someone meeting the requirements might be asked to wait to RP with Migthou.

To Check about Character/Player

  • Personality fit with other members.
  • RP ability (lack of RP ability is not disqualifying, if the person wishes to improve, refusal to improve RP ability is considered reason to disqualify).
  • Name conforming to Blizzard RP Server Character Naming Policy.

To Discuss with new Character/Player

  • The Guild Website.
  • In Character Versus Out of Character.
  • The Guild Bank.
  • Guild etiquette regarding out of character discussions.

Membership Requirements

  • Minimum of three days in the out of character channel or three days of RP sessions (Subject to change by Migthou).
  • Two or more current guild members must vouch for the player, preferably one of guild officer rank.
  • :!: Character must have an in character reason to join.
  • :!: Must meet Rider behavioral standards.

Original Documentation (By Migthou)

First and foremost, we do our best to abide by the terms of service that Blizzard has put into the game. The actions that you do in game are a representation of the guild. We are a mature community based family of people that have been around for a long time. And even though we are not very large we have a positive reputation and intend to keep it. This means you should avoid things like using the trade channel for non trade chat, using excessive profanity, spamming, etc.

Role Play is very important to our daily interaction: Guild channel is STRICTLY In character (IC) all the time. We have an Out of Character (OOC) channel for general chat and horsing around for real life type stuff since our family feel does tend to include each others real personas. And of course, you do not have to flag your OOC chat in this channel. Guild members are expected to be In Character in public places, and be aware of how others see you. We have a history of getting very supportive feedback for being consistently IC, and we feel that this is a valuable part of our society.

Whispers and other non-public channels are of course at the discretion of the individuals. however if you are addressed IC, please have the courtesy to answer in character. When you are out of character in a public channel, you will use out of character tags. What is OOC tagging? 1)

While as a whole, the guild can be too unstructured for some, we've been very fortunate to have players who are mature enough to watch their own behavior, so it's very rare that officers need to speak up over issues. However if you're a jerk, someone will let one of the officers know.

Role Play--(yarrrrr)

At our prime in the original expansion of World of Warcraft we were one of the best known heavy role playing guilds on the server. However we haven't had that amount of in guild role play for quite a while. RP is very much encouraged and we likley won't have a heavy amount of it until we do some serious recruitment. Story lines really spice up the game experience, and we are grateful to all who do their part to keep this aspect going so feel free to bring what you have to guild chat or the forums. Especially the forums. It's a great tool to use for storylines that might end up being complicated or involve the guild in a broad sense because at the very least, you can show others what is going on with the story even if they weren't there.

Events-(not e-vents. EVENTS)

We are a casual group of people made up of adults that have real life responsibilities and real life jobs. We do not have events often, but anyone in the guild is aloud to make or host an event. But no one is required to attend them.

Raiding-- (you cannot has bucket)

We are not a raiding guild. We are not a hard core PvE guild in any way. A members PvE skill will never be a determining factor when we consider them. This is a social role playing guild and we are here to have fun and keep each other company.

Respect--(aka don't be a dick)

Riders are known for showing respect for other players. Again, this is mostly about being aware of how your behavior affects everyone around you. Even though our struggles with the Alliance can be bitter, we often face the same challenges and fight side by side- and it's good to remember that behind that toon is a player very much like ourselves. It's perfectly fine to treat the opposite faction with distaste in a role playing manner, but if you ever have out of character interactions with someone of the other faction, please do remember to keep the animosity in the role play. Similarly for players of your own faction, don't be a dick unless they really deserve it.

1) Out of character tagging is where role players will put some kind of symbolized flag around a statement to show people that they are not in character, very similar to the parenthesis that are around this sentence.
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