Guild Role-Playing Guidelines

So, we're finally getting large enough, that we probably should come up with a set of guidelines for guild RP.

Given that, as a guild, we're a collection of people, I figured we should probably all pitch in and come up with what we want the guidelines to be. Given that, I'm going to put forth my ideas of key points, and we can collate all the suggestions at the end, and come up with an official list to agree to. So please add your suggestions to this thread.

These guidelines are guild-specific, these are additional to general RP etiquette, though of course, if someone from another guild likes our guidelines for RP, they're welcome to use them also :)

Obvious Rules

  1. Anything in the TOS.
  2. Anything in the EULA.
  3. Anything in the game policies.

All of the above can be found on Blizzard's websites. Violations of the above can result in your character being reported, and you receiving in-game punishments by the Blizzard GM team. Just because someone is in the guild does not make them exempt from the above rules, though in most cases RP is very public, so someone just passing by could report you for a violation.

The rules above are non-negotiable, we don't make them, they're part of the “payment” for playing the game, so please do not get snotty with someone because they brought up one of those rules.

One caveat, the out of character channel is considered by the rules to be a “private” chat channel, that being said the rules are slightly different in that, than in general, or in /say or /yell, or /emote.

Guild Guidelines

Have Fun

Self explanatory, but sometimes this needs to be rammed home to people to RP. This isn't real life, this is supposed to be fun, amusing, etc. Some of us RP our characters intentionally misunderstanding people just to crack jokes in character, this is intentional.

No stomping on others RP, this works both ways, meaning a) no butting in to someones RP storyline and hijacking it, and b) no insisting that other peoples characters respond in a certain way to your RP.

Feel free to request ooc for a specific set of reactions, but others should always be free to RP as they feel their character would respond. Sometimes this can lead to very amusing situations, other times it can totally derail a storyline, please don't get upset if it does, but at the same time, if you feel your character would derail a storyline someone is trying to do, perhaps have them go off and do something so they can not see what's happening.

Try to remember, the guild is a family.

Families do have arguments amongst members, but our characters don't have blood ties, so the “this person doesn't speak to that section of the family” thing just doesn't really work all that well in the guild. Most of our characters entered the guild due to one of two reasons, one being that they didn't have any other family anymore and were looking for a home, or two they where referred to us to help with some major issue. This also leads to a reminder, as there are blood ties, it is possible for two characters in the guild to fall in love, as long as it is RP'd correctly, this isn't a big deal, just please try to handle any in-character break-ups cleanly so the rest of the guild doesn't need to listen to the huge dramatic break-up situation :) The other reason for reminding of this, is we aren't a group of people trying to go all “RAWR MUST KILL BAD THINGS”, some people won't want to level their characters as this goes against the RP they've got for their character, work with it, that's the point of RP :)

Please respect other people.

This one is the hardest to figure out, but not everyone wants to see certain types of RP situations. I hope those who have those issues will bring it up ooc so other people can keep the RP away from them, but when it sometimes happens that an RP spill-over occurs that could upset someone (into guild or something for example), please respect the request to tone it down. Any time you are saying things in-game that others get offended/upset/concerned by you run many risks, so when someone asks for a stop to it, please respect that, and take the RP out of the “public” space you happen to be in.

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